Monday, March 19, 2012

From Israel to Jordan

We spent our last morning in Israel touring the ruins of Scythapolis at Beth Shean. We then crossed over the border into Jordan and spent the rest of the afternoon touring the amazing ruins of Jerash, one of the best preserved examples of Roman architecture in the world. 

An earthquake in 749 AD knocked over most of the structures

but the theatre still works! The acoustics are remarkable.
taking a rest at the former public latrines

having some fun in the main square of the town

The boys jumping at Jerash

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  1. Hellow, my son Joon and his LFA friends,

    I am glad to see you all in good shape in the picture. I want you to appreciate every single moment while you're there. I envy you guys. Not many young guys have a luxury of travelling to the historic region even nowadays, much less when I was your age. I am sure that the trip could be an eye opener for you. Being out there, you are already integral part of the modern Middle East history. Without peace in the region, there won't be world peace. Who knows? You may come up with Wisdom of Solomon for a peaceful resolution of the on-going regional conflicts while you're roaming in the desert or in Roman ruins. Take care! Love you Joon. Joon's father