Sunday, March 11, 2012

Finally! We are here! (Day 1)

After one of the longest flights in our lives-- no personal monitor, a broken bathroom, and crying babies-- we arrived in Tel Aviv. Admiring the mountainous view of our one hour bus ride, we have finally settled in our rooms at the Leonardo Inn in Jerusalem. Our hotel has a beautiful view of the University of Jersualem and Israeli Parliament building. Tonight we rest before a day filled with a big agenda. Starting off the day at Bethlahem and visiting numerous other religious monuments we cannot hold back our excitement.
View taken from 30,000 ft

Students at the airport after arriving in Tel Aviv

Students at the airport

Checking in at the hotel

On the way to Jersualem

On one hour bus ride to Jerusalem

-Joon, Karisma, and Zunaira


  1. Great to hear details and see pictures! It sure beats waiting for snail mail! Chris, Grandma says you're off to an AMAZING adventure! We look forward to your daily blogs. ��

  2. Its beautifull photos, hugs.
    Lisette Feijo